feel bad about something? confess your crime and the reaper will announce your punishment

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Published1 year ago
TagsDark Humor, Interactive Fiction, Short, Twine
Player countSingleplayer


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Mind sharing how you created the shaky text effect, without animation? :)

I am never on here and just got this now! so sorry! I took it from here https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/5430 & used it with Twine 1 and (I think) Sugarcane !


:) This is great! But because I didn't realise it existed until just now my punishment is that I will need to pee every time it is most inconvenient, EVEN IF I WENT BEFORE YOU LEFT THE HOUSE.


Oh wait you released this today.

I made this ages ago! but I just actually like, made an itch today haha! And the peeing one is probably the worst punishment imo